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Non-marital partnerships have almost doubled in the last twenty years in Germany: the Federal Statistical Office currently reports almost 3 million couples without a marriage certificate. And these 3 million couples have very specific legal questions. No wonder that more and more courts are also dealing with this topic - right up to the Federal Constitutional Court.

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Inheritance law is particularly relevant here. Most topics are

  • What hat about the legal succession for my partner?
  • What do we have to consider when drafting our wills?
  • Is there also a joint will for us?
  • I have children from a previous relationship - what do we have to consider?
  • Are there any inheritance law peculiarities for same-sex non-marital partnerships?
  • What about and how much is the inheritance tax

Every relationship is individual. Therefore, there are no blanket answers.

Gian Luca Pagliaro was admitted to the bar in 1995 and is also a specialist in international law and a lecturer at the University of Cologne. In 2017 he completed a specialization in  inheritance law, the so-called master breve nel diritto di successione in Milan.

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