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Kanzlei für internationales
Wirtschaftsrecht und Privatrecht

We have years of experience working with our clients to achieve their commercial and private objectives in the most practical way using our expertise and commercial awareness

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Born in 1964, Italian citizens.glp1

  • Study at the university to Cologne, Albertus Magnus.
  • Sojourns in Como, Ferrara and Cosenza, Italy.
  • As an attorney actively since 1995. Certified at the land and higher regional courts in Germany.
  • Expert for German - Italian law at the regional courts of Belluno and Bari, Italy.
  • Representative lector at the university to Cologne for Italian law and terminology.



  • working group international law traffic DAV
  • German lawyer association combination to the exchange of ideas between Italian and German lawyers e.V., Heidelberg
  • society for foreign law of the university to Cologne e.V
  • society for comparative law, Freiburg i.Br., e.V ACIS



Contract designs, written consultation and appraisals become according

to agreement on fee basis of 255,00 € /h, § 4 RVG. 

For all other mandates will be applied the counsel's fee order (RVG), 1.07.2004, in particulare the intended tariffs and conditions.

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